Top Patiot's Pen Essay - 2016


by Parisa Ahmady - Smith Midle School


"The America I Believe In"


Living in the United States of America has many privileges. Upholding ideals of multiculturalism, freedom, and opporitunity via a superior education system represents the America I believe in.


Throughout the history of the United States, there has been many setbacks to our core values. Despite the genocide of the Native Americans and the enslavement of the African Americans, we have continued to strive for freedom, justice, and equality. In my eyes, the United States is a country that s most defined by its past. All of America's founding fathers built this nation off of the ideas set forth in the Constitution.

Citizens still constantly work towards making us the educated, free, and diverse country our past leaders set us up to be.

Although I was not born in this country, I still have a great appreciation for the culture and compassion this nation exhibits.

In order to live in this society, it requires us to cooperate with people of different backgrounds to achieve the greatest opportunities for us and for many generations to come. Most of all, to be American means to be tenacious, fearless, and pround enough to represent our country and stand up for what we believe in.

An example of a challenge we have helped address is limiting the spread of diseases such as Ebola, which not only threatens Africa, but also poses a risk to spreading it to other regions. Thanks to out extensive network and medical expertise, there has been a great deal of success in containing this risk. Additionally, a much greater threat to the world as a whole, is the enormous challenge we face as humans with climate change. Here in the United States, we have been transitioning into more renewable energy sources like solar panels, electric cars, and wind turbines. Our nation has begun working with countries around the globe to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels that will hopefully help us stop the effects of global warming.

There is no doubt that from now, until beyond the foreseeable future, challenges will continue to pose obstacles to our evolution as a country. We have fought through isaster, poverty, segregation, and multiple wars, but continued to persevere because within a strong country comes even stronger citizens.